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Preparing for College

The IUPUI Summer Bridge Program is a special opportunity designed to prepare you to be successful in college.

Program Dates

The Summer Bridge Program takes place from August 8-17, 2017.


Summer Bridge is an eight-day program that’s all about teaching new students the ins and outs of being an IUPUI Jaguar. Our goal is to help students feel prepared for their first semester of college and beyond! During Summer Bridge, students will make new friends in a relaxed setting; learn more about their schools and majors; receive early support in math, writing, and communication studies; and even begin some of their fall class work.

Summer Bridge registration is first-come, first-serve and is only available at orientation—so reserve your orientation early and talk to your advisor about how to sign up for Summer Bridge during registration.

Benefits of Bridge

  • Summer Bridge participants have higher academic performance (fall GPAs) than nonparticipants.
  • 99% of Summer Bridge participants indicated that they would recommend the program to other first-year students.
  • Students participating in Summer Bridge consistently have higher one-year retention rates.

Fun Fact

The IUPUI Summer Bridge program began in 2001 with only 18 students. In 2017, more than 1,000 students are expected to participate!